Kit Harington: “I had mental health problems from ‘Game of Thrones'”

The actor assures that he entered a rehabilitation center and turned to professionals due to the end of the series

More than two years have passed since ‘Game of Thrones’ issued its last chapter, thus solving the convoluted plots of the Seven Kingdoms and the fate of each of its protagonists. The end of one of the most acclaimed characters, Jon Snow (Kit Harington), divided the audience who – we will avoid spoilers – was looking for another destination for what has been, without a doubt, the undisputed icon of fiction based on George’s books. RR Martin.

Like other successful fiction protagonists, Kit Harington’s resume will always be marked by her portrayal of Jon Snow. The character that took the actor to the top was also an undoubted responsibility that Harington had to deal with with the help of professionals. As the actor has recognized in the program ‘The Jess Cagle Show’, the work in ‘Game of Thrones’ led him to enter a rehabilitation center to solve his mental problems caused by stress. “I had some mental health issues after ‘Game of Thrones, and during the series finale, to be honest. I think it was directly motivated by the nature of the show and what it had been doing for years, “he said.

After the last chapter of ‘Game of Thrones’, issued in May 2019, Harington decided to stop his career for a time to recover his life outside the character. «I said to myself: I don’t want to work for a year. I really want to focus on myself, “he said in the aforementioned program. “I am very happy that I made that decision.”

Despite having recovered thanks to the help of professionals, the pandemic truncated Harington’s plans to sign for new projects, although we can see the actor soon in one of the chapters of ‘Modern Love’ , whose second season premieres on 13 August on Amazon.

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