United States: After 11 days on the run, a fugitive felon is still at large.

A murderer who escaped capture after escaping from a prison in the vicinity of Philadelphia on September 3 will have been on the run for 11 days by the time that Sunday, September 10 rolls around. This inquiry ended up being embarrassing for American law enforcement, as they were able to find him many times but were unable to catch him. Danelo Cavalcante, a Brazilian man who was found guilty of the murder of his ex-girlfriend in the middle of August and sentenced to life in prison for the crime, was found once more on the night of Saturday into Sunday thanks to video surveillance images near a small town called Phoenixville in Pennsylvania, which is located in the northeastern United States. Cavalcante’s ex-girlfriend was found dead in the middle of August. Cavalcante is 34 years old at the present time.

Or approximately a 45-minute drive from the Kennett Square botanical gardens, where he had been spotted a few days before, according to the announcement made by the regional police and prosecutor’s office. The man in the images issued by the authorities has a clean-shaven head and is wearing a hoodie and cap on his head. This is most likely because he sought to change his look following the publishing of a wanted notice in which he has a grey beard.

UAVs, helicopters, and canine teams are all available.

During a fresh press conference, Lieutenant Colonel George Bivens of the Pennsylvania State Police revealed that the authorities were also able to find evidence of a white van that had been reported stolen and that the fugitive utilized before leaving it, perhaps “because he was running out of gas.” The information was provided by the police.

This week, local law enforcement, aided by resources from the federal police (FBI) and the United States Marshals Service, which specializes in tracking down fugitives, had set up a search perimeter around Kennett Square, which disrupted the peace that normally exists in this region. idyllic nook in the huge suburbs of Philadelphia with hundreds of agents, helicopters, drones, and canine teams all patrolling the area. There was more than one school in the neighborhood that had to close. But Cavalcante managed to get away from them despite their best efforts, which led to ridicule and criticism on various social networking sites.

Someone who is “extremely dangerous”

Lieutenant Colonel George Bivens supported the statement that ” No perimeter is ever 100% secure,” saying that the fugitive had been able to take advantage of the presence of ” tunnels ” or ” very large drainage ditches that are impossible to secure.” According to him, adverse weather conditions made it more difficult to conduct airborne searches.

” In the end, I am confident that we will arrest him,” added the police officer, revealing that Cavalcante was looking for assistance and had attempted to make contact in the Phoenixville area with two of his associates, who then called the police. ” In the end, I am confident that we will arrest him,” concluded the police officer. Additionally, the officer confirmed that his sister, who was present in the United States illegally, had been taken into custody.

The authorities have issued a warning about this brown man who is 1.50 meters tall and weighs 54 kilogrammes. According to the wanted notice, he is regarded as “extremely dangerous” and “someone who is desperate and who does not want to be caught.” In April of 2021, the convict stabbed to kill his ex-girlfriend as they were arguing in front of the victim’s child, which resulted in the inmate being sentenced on August 22 to life in prison for the crime.

A breathtaking break from captivity

According to the authorities, he is also wanted for a murder that was done in Brazil. This is the reason why he fled his home nation of Brazil, first to Puerto Rico, where he obtained phony papers, and then to the northeastern region of the United States, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper, which followed his trial and reported on it.

His dramatic breakout on August 31, which was captured on camera and later made public by the authorities, was embarrassing for those in charge of the correctional facility. The excerpt shows the inmate, who is wearing a white t-shirt, blue trousers, and white trainers, hiding in a crevice of the exercise yard. He then climbs dexterously, like Spider-Man, with his body horizontally between two walls, and then he vanishes on the roof.

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