War in Ukraine: Russia claims Ukrainian army bombed village, injuring four

The future of these commodities has become unclear ever since the agreement regarding the export of Ukrainian grain came to an end.

Should delivery lanes be rerouted in order to accommodate shipping lanes? According to statements made by the Turkish Foreign Minister on Friday in Kyiv, Turkey, which is acting as a mediator in this dispute, believes that there is “no other solution” to the original agreement.

Two months after their failed coup, the Kremlin has called on the paramilitaries to swear an oath of “loyalty” to Russia. On Friday, the Kremlin denied having ordered the death of Yevgueni Prigojine and issued a summons to the paramilitaries.

On Friday, there was an attempt to rain drones down upon the Crimean peninsula. On Friday, the Russian Defence Ministry announced that it had shot down 42 Ukrainian drones on the peninsula that Moscow annexed, portraying the incident as an attack of unprecedented scale.

10:17 am Russia has accused Ukraine of attacking Russian people with bombs and injuring them.

This morning, Russia accused Ukraine of using grenade launchers to attack a village in the border region of Belgorod. According to the Russian local authorities, the attack resulted in the injury of four citizens.

According to a message that was sent out on Telegram by the governor of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, “the fragmentation grenades targeted private houses” as well as a store in the village of Urazovo, which is located in the Valuysk district.

“According to the preliminary details, there were four people injured, including three men and a woman,” he added, adding that all of the injured people were taken to the hospital for treatment. According to the same source, the strike was also responsible for damage to a number of homes as well as vehicles.

The Ukrainian drone was shot down in the Belgorod region of Russia at 9:33 this morning.

According to a statement released by the Russian Ministry of Defence on Saturday morning, a Ukrainian drone was successfully brought down by Russian air defence in the Chebekino district of the Belgorod region, which shares a border with Ukraine.

“An attempt by the Kiev regime to carry out a terrorist attack with a drone against sites on Russian territory was prevented,” the ministry announced on Telegram today morning around the hour of six in the morning.

At this hour (9:29), refugees from Ukraine can apply for resident status in New Zealand.

On Saturday, New Zealand made the decision public that it would let refugees fleeing the turmoil in Ukraine caused by Russia apply for permanent resident status in the country.

The Minister of Health and Immigration, Andrew Little, was quoted as saying that “many of those who sought safety here in New Zealand would never have imagined staying here long term,” but “as the war continues we have a humanitarian obligation to provide them with certainty,” added Little. “We are simplifying the application procedure for the residency programme as much as possible,” he stated. “We are…”

Candidates will not be required to pass a language test, have the necessary cash, or seek sponsorship in order to accomplish this goal.

9:28 am: A failed attempt to launch a drone strike on Moscow

According to Sergei Sobyanin, the mayor of the Russian capital city, early Saturday am, Russian air defences were able to shoot down a drone that was reportedly approaching the city overnight. “Last night, the air defence forces destroyed a drone that was approaching Moscow from the Istrinskii district,” Sergei Sobyanin posted on Telegram. “The drone was approaching Moscow from the Istrinskii district.” Initial reports indicate that there have been neither casualties nor significant property damage. “There are emergency services available here,” he continued.

Since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine in February 2022, the Russian capital has been attacked by Ukrainian drones very infrequently; nevertheless, the frequency of these strikes has grown in recent months.

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