Corona threat in the world

Chinese government considering Covid-19 as flu, told people- eat traditional Chinese medicines

The situation has worsened so much due to Corona in China that there is a shortage of medicines. Meanwhile, the government is asking people to consume traditional Chinese medicine Lianhua Qingwen. The surprising thing is that this medicine is given in case of viral infection. It is clearly understood from the instruction of the government to feed this medicine that they are considering it as the flu of Corona.

People have opposed this instruction of the government. People say why the government is distributing such expensive medicines. All we need are fever reducers – ibuprofen and paracetamol. Why are these common medicines not available in the market? Recently, the Chinese government announced to take over medical supply production. That is, now the government will monitor the production of medical equipment and medicines.

Government officials are distributing boxes of Lianhua Qingwen tablets in several provinces.
Government officials are distributing boxes of Lianhua Qingwen tablets in several provinces.

First thing about China…

Government will not release daily case report
China’s National Health Commission said that it will no longer give information about corona cases. That is, now the data of new corona cases and deaths due to infection will not be given by China. The health agency used to issue daily report of corona cases every day for the last 3 years.

Human rights activist Jennifer Jang posted this video on social media. It is believed that this is a mosque, where the dead bodies are kept.

New variant of Omicron in China increased the threat

The new variant of Omicron BF.7 is spreading in China. Health experts say that this is the most powerful variant of Omicron. The BF.7 variant is made of a specific mutation in the spike protein of the coronavirus, named R346T. According to experts, due to this mutation, this variant is not affected by antibodies.

In simple words, if a person has had corona earlier or has got vaccinated, then antibodies are formed in his body. The BF.7 variant is capable of dodging this antibody as well and entering the body.

More than 66 crore corona cases in the world

According to worldometer, so far 66 crore 17 lakh 86 thousand 713 cases have been reported in the world. On 11 January 2020, a 61-year-old man died in Wuhan, China. This was the first death due to Covid in the world. After this the series of deaths started increasing. So far 66 lakh 86 thousand 52 deaths have taken place.

Corona’s condition in China’s neighbors and big countries of the world

  • According to the report of Japan Times, the 8th wave has arrived in the country.
  • In the last 24 hours, 1 lakh 49 thousand new cases came here. Only 15,403 cases were found in Tokyo. There 306 people have died.
  • 58448 new cases of corona in last 24 hours in South Korea
  • Cases are also increasing continuously in Taiwan, 17728 new cases have come here in the last 24 hours.
  • There have been 4696 new cases of corona in America.

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