R. Kelly found guilty of child pornography

The length of his punishment, which will be decided at a later date, could be anything between ten and ninety years behind bars.

R. Kelly, a former R&B star who was already sentenced to 30 years in prison in June for sex crimes committed against young women, some of whom were teenagers, was convicted of child pornography on September 14 in Chicago. Kelly was already sentenced to 30 years in prison in June for the sex crimes he committed against the young women.

Robert Sylvester Kelly, age 55, was found guilty of producing child pornography and stealing from a juvenile throughout the course of his trial.

The singer, who is famous all over the world for his song “I Believe I Can Fly” and for the fact that he has sold over 75 million records, was however found not guilty of other accusations of obstructing justice by a federal jury.

During his trial for child pornography in 2008, which ended with a not guilty verdict for him, he and two of his former accomplices were accused of interfering with the proceedings. On Wednesday, all three of them were declared not guilty.

They were accused of having both threatened and manipulated a victim, who had not then testified. Now 37, she spoke this time.

Excerpts from tapes exposing sexual abuse done by R. Kelly on young girls, one of whom was just 14 years old, were broadcast throughout the trial.

The term of imprisonment ranges from ten to ninety years.

According to a statement released by the prosecutor’s office, his punishment, which will be decided at a later date, could run anywhere from “ten to ninety years in jail.”

John Lausch, the prosecutor in the case, stated that the verdict “brings Robert Kelly to account for the sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl.”

“The agony that Mr. Kelly inflicted on his victims is great,” he continued while complimenting the “strong, dedication, and courage” of those who testified during the trial. “The suffering that Mr. Kelly inflicted on his victims is immense.

The artist had already been found guilty of having piloted for three decades a “system” of sexual exploitation of young people, including adolescent girls, in September 2021 in the city of New York.

It was the first time that the bulk of the plaintiffs were black women, and it was also the first time that they accused a black artist.

R. Kelly’s reputation as an artist has been plagued with allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior and behavior against women for more than two decades. He had been successful in silencing them for a considerable amount of time by using cash agreements that included confidentiality provisions.

victims who were “indoctrinated” into R. Kelly’s “sordid” milieu as a result of the singer’s actions

The documentary series “Surviving R. Kelly” premiered in January 2019, and it immediately proved to be extremely insightful. Several of the singer’s victims have described him as being controlling, abusive, and overly fascinated with very young females.

During the trial that took place in New York, the victims testified about the methods that the singer employed to draw very young ladies to himself by capitalizing on his celebrity, with the assistance of others who were close to him. The majority of them had met the celebrity at one of R. Kelly’s concerts, and after the show, they were each given a slip of paper with his contact information on it. ferait quelque chose pour leur carrière musicale, leur promettait-on.

According to the prosecution, instead, they were “indoctrinated” into R. Kelly’s “sordid” milieu, coerced into having sexual encounters, and retained in that “system” by “coercive methods.”

The singer had been able to reach the top of the music industry despite having a troubled personal life, which included his marriage to his 15-year-old protege and fellow singer Aaliyah, which was later called off. Despite all of this, the singer had been successful.

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