France: Bird Flu Spread, Ordered To Kill 6 Lakh Chickens And Other Birds

There are alerts because of bird flu in many states of India and the danger is increasing. Hundreds of crows are found dead in many places, as well as H5N8, which was a symptom of bird flu. This danger is spreading not solely in India however also in the European country France.

The danger of bird flu is increasing within the southwest areas of France. This is the reason why around vi lakh chickens and alternative birds are being ordered to be killed.

According to the French Ministry of Health, last year also the danger of bird flu was high here, therefore this time you do not need to require any kind of risk.

Thus so many 2 lakh chickens are killed here, whereas 4 lakh others are ready to be killed. Apart from chickens, there are more birds too, in which this danger is highest. France is sending many birds to safe places here, whereas where the danger is more, it is adopting the strategy of killing.

By January one, there have been 61 bird flu cases in France, out of that 48 are from the land area itself. In France, this space is considered a hub for poultry farming.


Significantly, in India, a total of 10 states, as well as Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala, Rajasthan, have panic because of bird flu. Till now thousands of dead crows have been found, that have the symptoms of bird flu. In such a situation, governments have stepped up their preparations before they reach humans.

At least six Indian states have stepped up efforts to contain 2 strains of bird flu — H5N1 and H5N8 — in recent days after the deaths of thousands of migratory birds, ducks, crows, and chickens.

H5N8, an Avian influenza subtype among poultry and wild birds, has spread across many countries since early last year.

Officials in northern Himachal Pradesh state said carcasses were found over the past week at a Himalayan lake that witnesses massive flocks of migratory birds during the winter season.

“The death toll within the last week or so at the Pong lake crossed two, four hundred migratory birds. Over 60zero birds died on Monday,” state wildlife chief Archana Sharma told AFP.

The mass deaths came amid a cull of nearly 35,0zero0 poultry in southern Kerala state, where an H5N8 virus outbreak killed up to12,000 ducks.

Authorities said the slaughter was ordered at intervals one kilometer (zero.6 miles) radius of the infection epicenter. In northern Haryana state authorities said nearly one hundred fifty,000 chickens died mysteriously across several poultry farms in Barwala district. Neighboring Punjab additionally reported similar deaths.

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