Elon Musk

Tesla company CEO Elon Musk said on Wednesday that he had offered to sell Apple CEO Team Cook to Tesla company in 2017.

However, Tim Cook refused to possess a gathering with Elon Musk. In fact, Tesla was probing a dangerous section in the year 2017 and throughout that time Musk had determined to sell the corporate at the same worth because of the 10th of the present value.

Musk gave a tweet informing that Tesla’s Model three program had failed, due to that he wanted to sell the corporate.

In such a situation, he went to meet Tim Cook. Musk really wanted to discuss with Tim Cook whether Apple might obtain Tesla for as a lot of as 10 elements of the current value. However, Cook refused to fulfill Alan Musk about it. Let me tell you that no comment has been created on Apple’s tweet from Apple yet.

Elon Musk has tweeted that Apple CEO Tim Cook had been offered to shop for Tesla during the unhealthy days of the Model-3 program, though Tim Cook refused to meet.

At that point, Tesla’s value was ten times less than nowadays’s the price. In reality, in 2017, Tesla had a cash crunch. Throughout that time Tesla increased the assembly of Model 3 electrical vehicles in the mass market. Musk said that in that period the corporate had seen a bad section for 6 months or a lot of.

At the same time, Apple was deciding to enter the market as a competitor to Tesla for a totally self-driving car system.

In recent years Apple has employed several ex-Tesla executives who specialize in drive trains, car interiors, and self-driving technology. It has conjointly acquired corporations focusing on self-driving cars.

From this, it looks that Apple is considering coming into the automotive market once more. Let us grasp that the shares of both Apple and Tesla companies have increased since the start of the year 2017. Tesla’s stock has risen nearly 1,400 %, though still but a 3rd of Apple’s market capitalization.

At the same time this year, Tesla’s stock has shown a jump of over seventy0 p.c. Apple, on the other hand, is aiming to provide driverless cars for patrons in the year 2024.

Truly, Tesla’s new factory is now being engineered in Austin. Musk has taken this decision as a result of he should not pay income tax in taxes whereas California has got to pay a ton of income tax.

But, once your time of struggle the company got higher, and both Tesla and Model three survived and the company created new vehicles like Model Y SUV and Cyber ?? Truck. Not only this however Musk surpassed Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and has become the second richest person in the entire world.