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South America Police Red:Police Arrived Wearing Santa Claus Dress To Catch Drug Dealers

Lima: Peruvian police have tried a unique means to catch drug dealers. Members of the police drugs-squad dressed in an exceedingly Santa Claus dress and barged into a house in Lima and apprehended a suspected cocaine dealer. This action is part of the Peru Police’s operation against medicine.

In truth, members of the Police Drugs-Squad arrived in an undercover van on Sunday sporting flak jackets under red, white, and inexperienced garments and entered a house to catch the suspected dealer.

In the Salvador district of Lima, one member of the police filmed footage throughout the raid saying “We are the police, we have a tendency to are the Green Squad, this is often an anti-drug operation.” He then dropped the suspect to the bottom and handcuffed him.

The strategy of the Peruvian police is a general strategy to launch raids specifically to catch drug gangs in such dress-ups. This has led to some notable successes in recent times. A police spokesman said that the arrested person was video graphed near a college selling medicine outside his house.

At home, the police found a large bag containing medicine and a revolver together with lots of little luggage. Head Colonel Fred Velasquez of the cluster Terna Medicine-Squad stated that “an important amount of medication has been confiscated within the raid.

Both marijuana and basic cocaine paste are seized in the cates.”The tactic of launching raids significantly to take down drug gangs using operatives in dress-up could be a common tactic of Peruvian police to assure the element of surprise that, they say, has brought some notable successes lately.

The arrested man had been videotaped selling medicine outside his home close to a school, a police spokesman said. At the house, police found a bag with tons of tiny baggage that gave the impression to contain drugs, a revolver, and a balaclava, he said.

With the results we have a tendency to are seeing, a significant quantity of drugs has been confiscated, each marijuana and basic cocaine paste in kites (small packages of medication), a firearm has also been seized,” said Colonel Fredy Velasquez, head of the Grupo Terna medication squad.

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