Juventus’ Champions League hopes are revived as Massimo Allegri’s men await verdict on point deduction appeal

Juventus’ Champions League With Serbian winger Filip Kostic’s goal in the decisive Serie A match against Inter on Sunday, Juventus prevailed 1-0 and is now well-positioned to return to the Champions League battle. Even though they received a 15-point penalty following the capital gain case that also resulted in the resignations of previous club chairman Andrea Agnelli and vice-president Pavel Nedved, their recent domestic and European performance has them heading in the right way at the right moment.

The Bianconeri filed an appeal against the ruling and are currently awaiting the outcome

Which ought to come by the end of April. Massimiliano Allegri’s team is racing back into the table in the meantime, and after defeating Inter, they are only seven points behind fourth-placed AC Milan.

Juventus is presently in a position to potentially lock up a spot in the UEFA Conference League after winning four of their past five games (only losing to AS Roma). Juventus will not be eligible for the Champions League, though, if the team succeeds in its appeal. By winning the Europa League, where they will play Sporting CP in the quarterfinals, they can also get entry into the UCL.

Allegri talked to DAZN about their recent run after the game against Inter.

“In order to move up the table, we now aim to score as many points as we can. Regardless of your opinion, we scored 56 points on the pitch. In order to qualify for the Champions League, we must accrue points. The club will handle other matters, “added said.

After a challenging start to the season, Allegri’s team won eight straight games between October and January before losing 5-1 to Napoli. Juventus has experienced several ups and downs since then but is now in a good position to completely turn around its season.

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