World Cup injuries, squads: Managers’ deadlines to decide whether to take healing players to Qatar

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Because of this, the date of November 21 has been set as the cutoff for Deschamps to make a decision regarding whether or not Varane will be able to contribute to his World Cup squad. If Varane is already expected to be fit for the second match, then it makes sense for Deschamps to call him up in his final roster because the risk is minor if he needs to be replaced. However, this only makes sense if Varane is already expected to be fit. The head coach of France would have roughly a week to monitor Varane and see how far along in his recovery he is.

This window of time is significant because players could have relatively minor injuries between now and Qatar, causing them to miss the opening game of the World Cup but still be eligible for the duration of the competition. If the player suffers a setback after being locked into the roster, the manager will need to determine the risk by weighing the importance of the injured player against the depth of their squad. If the player is unable to play after being locked into the roster, the manager will not be able to make any changes to the roster. Because the World Cup takes place during the summer months, the majority of players’ injury statuses are known well in advance of the competition. As a result, these kinds of judgments are made very infrequently. The injury situation is one that managers will have to deal with on the fly at the Qatar World Cup because they will need to weigh exactly how likely it is that a slightly banged-up player will be to contribute for the next month during a tournament with rosters that can’t be changed once it begins. However, the Qatar World Cup presents a host of other great unknowns.

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