KBS Entertainment Awards 2022 winners: Shin Dong Yup takes home the top prize

Here Are All Of The "2022 KBS Entertainment Awards" Winners.

Winners of the 2022 KBS Entertainment Awards

The KBS Entertainment Awards are a yearly celebration of the network’s top entertainment and variety show performances. Along with actress Seol In Ah and idol-actor Chan Hee of SF9, entertainer Moon Se Yoon presented the KBS Entertainment Awards ceremony this year.

This year, Shin Dong Yup won the Grand Prize (Daesang). The Immortal Songs host was awarded his third grand prize by KBS. It’s interesting that he earned a major prize every ten years. Along with the major prize, Kim Sook, Jun Hyun Moo, Kim Jong Min, and Lee Kyung Kyu, who serves as the host of SNL Korea, also received the Entertainer of the Year honor. For the first time since 2011, his program Immortal Songs also took home the Viewers’ Choice Best Program Award.KBS entertainment awards 2022 winners list.

Song Hae, who presided over the National Singing Contest for over 30 years, was also given the 20th Anniversary Special Achievement Award. The award’s presenter, Shin Dong Yup, said,

Shin Dong Yup received the grand prize.

The “2022 KBS Entertainment Awards,” which have been presented annually since last year, were held on December 24. This year’s show was hosted by Chani of SF9, Moon Se Yoon, and Seol In Ah. Shin Dong Yup, who has been hosting the program “Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend” for 12 years, took home the top prize on this particular day. Shin Dong Yup has won his third Daesang in recent years, following victories in 2002 and 2012.

The comedian said in his acceptance speech, “I didn’t expect to win anything, but I’m grateful for the prize. All I wanted was for “Immortal Songs” to be named the best program. I always advise people to listen to live performances of singers. I consider myself privileged to have spent more than ten years seeing the top vocalists perform live in person. I am thus given this medal in recognition of all the vocalists that participated in the program.

Winners List for the 2022 KBS Entertainment Awards

The 2022 KBS entertainment awards 2022 nominees’ winners have been revealed. The winners are listed here. Take a look for yourself.


Best Program as Voted for by the Public

Performer of the Year

highest caliber and variety

Best Excellence in Practice

superiority in show and variety

Superiority in Practice

best performer

Show & Variety Rookie Award

Rookie of the Year in Reality

Top Couple

Top Icon

Best Obstacle

the year’s top DJ

Winners Of The 2022

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