Man asks the orchestra to play “Bartolito” for his little son

The minor was captivated by the performance of the musicians, who played one of the most popular songs among infants. The video went viral on Facebook.

Through Facebook , a video that has caused a sensation in a large number of users on social networks has gone viral It is about the singular song that an orchestra played in the middle of a public thoroughfare.

” Bartolito ” was the song that he asked. This animated character has become the favorite of many children, who are fans of several of his nursery rhymes. What was surprising for everyone was the knowledge that these artists had about this melody, as they played it to perfection.

The boy was captivated and did not stop appreciating the orchestra for a second. A passerby recorded this entire scene and disclosed it on social media. It was thanks to Facebook that this video reached more than 14,000 ‘likes’ in just a few days.

Also, the comments were not long in coming. “Even the band plays Bartolito, no way, to dance has been said”, “The baby is hypnotized. What great artists ”, were some of them.

Man builds a ‘roller coaster’ for his son in his backyard

It is often said that parents would do everything for their children and that is more than true, especially when it comes to making them happy. As was the case of a man whose video on TikTok went viral for building a ‘roller coaster’ in the backyard of his house in order for his son to have fun at his fingertips.

The citizens could win the father of the year award for building this infrastructure with the purpose of spending quality time with their baby. As can be seen in the clip that quickly went viral with more than 632,000 views, the subject built the roller with tubes and the bases were made of wood.

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