Radio audiences: France Inter smiles, Europe 1 suffers

Radio audience measurements follow and resemble each other. For better or for worse, the satisfaction of the most listened to of all, France Inter, and the dismay of the one who never ceases to empty the room, Europe 1. According to audience figures issued by Médiamétrie, this Thursday, April 21 at 8 a.m., 40.17 million French people listened to the various programs each day in these first months of 2022. A stable figure over one year but still considerably lower than what it was in the same period of 2020 (42.2 million listeners), that is to say before the great upheaval in listening habits that accompanied the health crisis.

The radio audience measurement for the period January-March 2022, unveiled Thursday, April 21 by Médiamétrie, confirms the supremacy of the public station, and the collapse of the station now under the control of Vincent Bolloré. France Info makes a historic breakthrough.

By nibbling 0.2 points compared to the January-March 2021 period, the flagship antenna of Radio France (12.6% of the cumulative audience) continues to widen the gap with its first competitor, RTL (10.6%, stable): with its 6.9 million daily listeners, Inter attracts a million more each day than the M6 ​​group station. Between the inauguration of Laurence Bloch, almost eight years ago, and this spring, which will see her leave the management of the station in favor of Adèle Van Reeth, France Inter will have gained 1.7 million listeners. “We have to look at the reality, the French vote for us”, welcomes the leader, “proud” to bring “the most beautiful of answers” to the attacks against the public antenna made on the sets of CNews or in one of Figaro Magazine last winter.

No Respite

At the other end of the spectrum of generalist antennas, the descent into the hell of Europe 1 still knows no respite. Neither the war in Ukraine nor the campaign for the presidential election will have given the followers of the station controlled by Vincent Bolloré reasons to remain attached to him. The station lost 1.1 points over one year and now falls below the four-point mark (3.9% AC).

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